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The Light

A Revelation

Now after about 70+ years I have finally arrived at the conclusion that I cannot change the world with my words. When I was younger (much younger) I attended Catechism classes at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in my home town, This was a two year course, which took our class three years to finish, going three after school nights a week. It was tough since I had a paper route, but luckily I could break it up on those nights, but the customers weren’t too happy. I felt it was a burden, but have come to realize that the seeds were planted.

The many things I have done since those days have made me realize that I was being helped and guarded along the way. I truly believe I was meant to do the things I have been doing with the exception that I haven’t turned over all the responsibility that rested on my shoulders to the Lord. I saddled myself with the burden that I didn’t say something just right and lost some people or I said too much and offended some people or maybe used some “bad words” I shouldn’t have. Needless to say that I was probably looking for more acceptance than I received. Maybe after writing 30 books I finally learned something.

My goal now is to PRAY for those that don’t see the light. For those that wish ill for our country, I PRAY for your enlightenment. For those that wish to drive a big wedge between the races, I PRAY that you realize that God made us ALL and NO-ONE is above the other. For those that riot, loot and set fires, I PRAY that you could picture yourself on the receiving end of your actions. For those that feed the flames of decent, I PRAY that you see a more valuable use of your expenditures. What is really needed is more PRAYER. God gave us this country and it is our job to keep it in God’s name. The devil has no place in our hearts.

For both Republicans and Democrats, your battling is most unbecoming. We already have a ONE PERSON RULE in this country and you are elected to see that His laws are kept. He only has 10 rules and you have advanced that number by thousands and they still aren’t effective. Try doing the job you were hired to do and forget the “mask” you put on at every election.

May the Good Lord continue to bless our Country and President Trump

Thanks for listening